Sunday, 31 May 2009

A Mexican Lunch

As my friend is always spending a load of money on lunches while at work I've been trying to make him food to take with him instead. As I'm quite into making Japanese bento style lunches for myself I wanted to put something similar together for him, but without all the rice. As a vegan I've found that when going certain places for the day it is almost essential to pack your own lunch to take along, otherwise they'll be no hope of finding anything to eat for the day. I can't even find anything remotely vegan at my university, so this has forced me to be more creative with my lunches.
This lunch is really easy and quick to put together.

2 tortilla wraps

1 tin re fried beans (you can also make your own, but it takes more time)

1 jar pinto bean salsa (or similar)

Vegan cheese (optional)

1 tablespoon of olive oil

cookie/ sandwich cutter of any shape

I first took one of my tortilla wraps and placed it on a plate. I spread the re fried beans all over straight from the tin. Then add vegan cheese if you like and place the other tortilla on top, kind of like a sandwich.

Place oil in frying pan and heat up. Take your cookie cutter and carefully cut out of your 'sandwich' as many shapes as you can and place them in the frying pan. Cook for 2-3 minutes on each side.

I packed the lunch box by first placing in a bed of salad, and I added a sauce container of salsa for dipping. In a separate container I also added a vegan cupcake and some grapes (not pictured).

This also makes a great dinner, you do not have to cut shapes out they can be cooked whole. The shapes are just more convenient and 'bite size' for a lunch.


  1. Name: Tora

    Wow! You're such a sweet friend. Your tortilla wraps has a nice shape. Is it also possible to have another shape?