Monday, 19 July 2010

Dig For Victory

During the Second World War the government had a campaign to get the country growing as much food as they could themselves to keep the country going.
At the beginning of the year I purchased 'Dig for Victory, Mr Middleton's All Year Round Gardening Guide from 1945'. As I now had a decent sized garden I wanted to make the most of it and grow whatever I could in the same spirit as those from the wartime era. Plus it's a very healthy way to live from both the exercise from gardening and all the fresh tasty vegetables you'll have as a result.
If you want to get in the act you can either use the flower beds in your garden, or if you don't have a garden you can apply to the council for an allotment or check out the landshare project.
I harvested my first beetroot today, although so far this season I've had lots of cos lettuce and tomatoes and what better to do with beetroot than pickle it? It was a common sight in households during the wartime era for families to be preparing homegrown crops of beetroots, tomatoes and onions to pickle so that they would last them through a long winter.

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