Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Well I know I've done a post about pizza previously, in fact back in 2009 when I first started blogging. Really though time has passed and I've been vegan and cooking longer and inevitably I've improved since then, so here's where I'm at with pizza nowadays.
This pizza is cheezly and tomato with cracked pepper and basil. This is just one of my favorite toppings and what you can put on a pizza is only really limited by your imagination.
To make my pizza I use a normal perforated pizza tray, but i'm sure the base would be even better if I wasn't so lazy and brought a pizza stone. However I am what I am and haven't gotten around to it yet. To ensure a crispy base I also use a fine coat of fine cornmeal on both sides of the base before I put it on the tray and add the toppings.

Pizza Base

7g sachet of Yeast

drizzle of Olive Oil

150ml Warm Water

1 heaped tablespoon of sugar

350g of plain flour

1 teaspoon of sea salt

2 teaspoons thyme

This recipe for the base makes two large 12" pizzas. I usually use a bread maker for this stage, if you want to do the same just add the ingredients in the order stated by the manufacturer for your machine. In mine it's all liquids first - then the flour - and lastly the yeast, sugar and salt.

Once the dough is ready and risen remove from the machine and punch down. Remove from the pan and lightly kneed on a floured surface before dividing into two (I usually find just cutting with a sharp knife the easiest way). Roll out into your desired shape, then dust both sides with cornmeal before placing onto your tray and putting on your toppings. I normally try not to get too soggy with the sauce and use a layer of tomato puree followed by a light spread of sauce. Experience has taught me that too much sauce leads to very soggy and hard to eat pizza :x
I make sure I pre-heat my oven and normally cook at 220C for 12 minutes, but this might vary depending on your oven. I always use an oven thermometer for baking and pizza as well, it showed me how much the actually temperature inside the oven varied from what was said on the dial and helped me no end.
So there you go, the things you learn through several years of practice - and I even gave you pictures this time.

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