Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Warehouse Cafe, Birmingham

On Thursday last week I visited the Warehouse Cafe in Birmingham. I've been here many times, and last year I even did some work experience here.
I dropped by around 4.30 for milkshakes and cake with a friend which then turned into an early dinner!
Aside from us there were only one other table in the cafe so service was exceptionally quick (not something I experience all the time - a trip there on a Saturday afternoon last month left us waiting 50 minutes for food and at least half an hour for the drinks we ordered). In fact on that visit Steven got so hungry waiting for the food that he popped downstairs to the One Earth Shop for a snack while we waited! All in all however this hasn't been a common experience.
The menu here rarely changes, although they do have specials which they change quite often on the board - this has resulted in me having tried many things more than once. They have a good vegan selection, although it is nothing radically different - however well priced and one of the only vegetarian restaurants located anywhere near where I live.
On this visit I had the vegan option of the 'Mexican Style Toasted Tortilla' which is priced at £6 and is from the 'Lighter Meals' section of the menu. I have had this quite a few times before but it has improved as the vegan option now includes vegan cheese which it previously didn't. During my visit I also had Carrot Cake with soya cream (£2.50), Natural Root Beer (£1.50) and a Raspberry Soya Milkshake (£2.50). My lovely dinning companion had the mint tea and the vegetarian starter of Figs and Goats cheese (yuk) which i'm not even going to comment on. No seriously it looked fine and she said it was lovely.
So all in all another enjoyable meal and i'm sure i'll end up visiting many more times.


54-57 Allison Street, Birmingham, B5 5TH
Telephone - 0121 6330261

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