Monday, 9 May 2011

Lunches, Work & Tiffins

So, i've been happily in my job for a little over two months now and have started to get into the swing of things regarding lunchtimes. There really isn't much in the way of things i can buy during lunchtime as 'take out' even though a large branch of Asda (the worst one ever vegan wise!) is just down the road.
I have unfortunately found most of my cute Japanese imported bento boxes slightly unpractical. Unless i spend ages planning to cram enough in, they are just really too small - especially when I aim to take breakfast and lunch. I have invested in a few sizes of locking lid tupperware and this tiffin (£18 from Habitat) is plenty roomy and practical (while still being pretty!).

It has two larger main compartments and the slightly smaller top is divided up which is useful for dips an salads.
This isn't really so much a recipe as ideas. For my breakfast for tomorrow i have in the bottom section a cherry museli, a mixed bean salad and fruit in the middle section and adzuki/ edamame bean salad with spiced cous cous in the top section.

I've found Nakd bars very useful in the morning on less organised days! Alpro yoghurts, fruit cups and pots of homemade mixed olives have also become an easy favorite.
In short i've found it certainly pays to be more organised/ creative, although leftovers have been a lifesaver and kind to the pocket!
Amy's and Suma also do a nice range of vegan tinned soups which can be found in larger branches of Co Op and Waitrose which can be handy when there is little time to throw something together.
I'm sure i'll come up with many more ideas, but this has been great so far and on more than one occasion my lunch has been the envy of my co workers!

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