Friday, 24 June 2011

Graze round 2

So this is just a quick note on what I got in my latest box. It arrived a day late! But thats due to the postman and not them.

Haven't enjoyed the contents as much this time - i think i'm just more of a savory person and I got all sweet.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Nakd Bars: A non post

I know everybody most likely already knows about these, i'm not claiming to have found exciting new vegan products years after everybody already has - i just love them and find them SO useful for work.

I'd never tried these flavours before, i'd always stuck to my favorites - gingerbread, apple pie and cashew cookie. I wasn't so keen on the Berry Delight, but the Cocoa Delight is great! I keep a few boxes in my desk at work and eat them as brekkie - they stop me snacking in the *free* doughnuts and buscuits!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Style Me Vintage: A Book Review

Now, I realise that this doesn't have all that much to do with vegan food - but I just love vintage style and as a fashion graduate i feel it's my prerogative.
I've had this book a little while but only this week rediscovered it. 'Style Me Vintage: Hair' by Belinda Hay had lots of negative reviews on amazon when i purchased but i'd heard good things about it from Vintage Life magazine so didn't let them put me off.

This is a great beginners book in my opinion, and was great for somebody like me who has always been awful at doing anything other than a very simple roller set. In short - i've learnt many new techniques and very effective tips that actually work. Most of these styles also are VERY achievable for everyday wear after a little practice. Perhaps thats why I like this book so much other some others which teach more advanced techniques.
I believe there is a new vintage make up book soon to be realised by the same author which i'll be snapping up.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The Warehouse Cafe - Again

So on Friday I once again visited The Warehouse, I'm going to keep this short and sweet as I know I have blogged about them before.
I was all ready to order the same as usual when I noticed - theres been a menu change!! It's not a massive change, most of the light bites, puddings and drinks are the same. There are however several new starters and mains - you can have two courses for £13.95, or three for £18.95.
I had the Peking Tofu Pancakes for starter.

This pleasantly suprised me. I usually have gluten 'duck' if I eat this, and I am completely taken by the onces they serve at Veggie World. It was nice to have something a little different, especially since the tofu was well cooked.

For my main I had the Summer Sausages. This came with carrots, cabbage, chive & horseradish potatoes and real ale gravy. I really enjoyed this, the sausages were pretty good - although I wasn't a big fan of the potatoes (possibly as i'm not keen on horseradish).
Kelly had the Warehouse Pate Selection for starter. I have had this before and really enjoyed it. My only comment is that more of the crispy bread things are needed for the amount of pate.

For mains she had a Malaysian Laksa. I wasn't sure what to expect from this- but i tried some and it was really good. A little to spicy for my tastes (but i'm a wimp when it comes to heat) but had a great coconut flavor to it.

In summary i'm really glad they've mixed up the menu a bit, it has given me new things to try when I undoubtedly will visit in the future.


So i'd heard about Graze a while ago but didn't really see the point in it, however given the chance to try it for free after hearing they had improved I couldn't pass it up.
I really expected the box to be bigger, but thinking about it - it wouldn't fit through a letter box like they state then. I was impressed with their website - i was easily able to set it up to only be sent vegan items and also get rid of things containing banana as i hate them!
I opted for the nibblebox as it gave me greatest choice of items. Impressed they had vegan flapjacks, it's ashame they don't have a vegan option on the foccacia as well.
I liked everything i was sent in the box, i'm not sure it's good value for money - but love the idea and the food was genuinely nice. Having semi healthy vegan food delivered to your desk however really appeals - if they were to give you a little more for your money i'd be hooked.
Anyhow, if you'd like to try a free box on me to see what the fuss is about - sign up and use this voucher code 3FM8CBQ3