Tuesday, 21 June 2011


So i'd heard about Graze a while ago but didn't really see the point in it, however given the chance to try it for free after hearing they had improved I couldn't pass it up.
I really expected the box to be bigger, but thinking about it - it wouldn't fit through a letter box like they state then. I was impressed with their website - i was easily able to set it up to only be sent vegan items and also get rid of things containing banana as i hate them!
I opted for the nibblebox as it gave me greatest choice of items. Impressed they had vegan flapjacks, it's ashame they don't have a vegan option on the foccacia as well.
I liked everything i was sent in the box, i'm not sure it's good value for money - but love the idea and the food was genuinely nice. Having semi healthy vegan food delivered to your desk however really appeals - if they were to give you a little more for your money i'd be hooked.
Anyhow, if you'd like to try a free box on me to see what the fuss is about - sign up and use this voucher code 3FM8CBQ3

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