Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Style Me Vintage: A Book Review

Now, I realise that this doesn't have all that much to do with vegan food - but I just love vintage style and as a fashion graduate i feel it's my prerogative.
I've had this book a little while but only this week rediscovered it. 'Style Me Vintage: Hair' by Belinda Hay had lots of negative reviews on amazon when i purchased but i'd heard good things about it from Vintage Life magazine so didn't let them put me off.

This is a great beginners book in my opinion, and was great for somebody like me who has always been awful at doing anything other than a very simple roller set. In short - i've learnt many new techniques and very effective tips that actually work. Most of these styles also are VERY achievable for everyday wear after a little practice. Perhaps thats why I like this book so much other some others which teach more advanced techniques.
I believe there is a new vintage make up book soon to be realised by the same author which i'll be snapping up.

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