Thursday, 14 July 2011

Getting Used To The Mcdougall Way...

It has been a week since I began the MWL diet and my meals have much improved as i've settled into this new way of eating.
I knew i'd settle into the swing of things - not sure if i've lost any weight yet, want to wait a few more days before I weigh myself!
I've been browsing the Mcdougall forums and have been trying to follow the suggestion of eating salad/ vegetables in a meal first and then starches last to try and fill up on the least calorie dense elements of the meal first.
One of my favorite easy work lunches is baked potato with salad and fat/ oil free dressing. I've been adding more taste to my salad by including chopped Parsley ( or whatever herbs I have on hand).

One of the ways I may have cheated is by having slightly more than my two allowed fruits a day. I haven't done this every day and it's only been by one extra item.
I've also been making up my morning porridge with half apple juice/ half water. Other recipes in the MWL book use apple juice (such as the breakfast apple rice) so figured the small amount was worth it if it got me to eat my porridge in the morning!
The first few days I really struggled with my willpower when in the office. I missed my morning coffee and afternoon snack. The key for me is to have something healthy to have on hand instead. I've been drinking mint tea (with no sugar) and having a plain rice cake if it's the choice between that and slipping up!

Although as you might of gathered from my last post I felt deprived in a way on the first day - but now I'm genuinely finding my food satisfies me. As the plan suggests I haven't let myself go hungry, but I guess the proof of if this works will be seen on the scales over the next few weeks.

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