Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The Mcdougall Maximum Weight Loss Diet

So, deciding to diet i've looked around for something that suited a vegan. I'd heared of John Mcdougall around 3 years ago, but back then I glanced over the rules of this diet and dismissed it as being very extreme/ restrictive.

So here I am those three years later and embarking on the diet. I'd been shopping the previous day and stocked up on the 'allowed' foods. Potatoes, brown rice, lentils & beans, vegetables and salad being the main ones. There is absolutely no fat from any source in this diet (apart from that naturally found in vegetables etc). One of the main things that drew me into trying this was the 'eat until you have satisfied your hunger' rule - there are no portion size rules as long as you stick to the allowed foods.
The first day was a nightmare, i hadn't appreciated just how hard it was to stay TOTALLY fat/ oil free. My oatmeal (porridge to me and you) made up with water instead of the usual soya was bland and horrible and my lunch of baked potatoes with sauted vegetables was dry and tasteless. I suddenly started to wonder what I had let myself in for! (This is purely to illustrate how unappealling breakfast really was).

Then I got myself thinking. When I first turned vegan it took me a while to get into the groove of things and find out what I liked. Maybe this would be the same? Remotivated I decided to cook from some of the recipes in the book for dinner and find something better than oatty slop for breakfast.
For my dinner I had brown rice and vegetables in a tomato sauce. While this wasn't amazing, it was a massive improvement on my lunch!
For breakfast I made the 'Breakfast Apple Rice' - this has been my favorite thing so far. I'm guessing this is going to be a regular feature for the next few months.

So I guess i'll keep you updated - we'll find out if this thing actually works and i'll share with you the best of the recipes I find along the way.

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