Monday, 15 August 2011

London - Vx, Saf & Moaz

I wasn't sure I liked London - I spent the whole 3 years of my degree avoiding the place and I was most likely about 15 the last time I ventured there to see a band. So yesterday when @mrflibbletweets suggested me go for the day I was determined to give it another go.
First of all we visited Saf Shoreditch - really enjoyable. I had the mushroom gyoza to start, Tempeh salad sandwich for mains and tiramisu for pudding. Sadly i have no photos but @mrflibbletweets is bound to write a review on this over at his Blog
Even good old Holland & Barrett held some suprises for me - takaway ice cream (I suspect it was british Toffuti) which we enjoyed in the park.
We headed over to Vx on our travels as well. I'd heard so much about this 'vegan boutique' that I just HAD to take a look.

I have to to say, it really wasn't what i'd been expecting. I DO think it's great it exists and they did sell some hard to find goods such as Primal Jerky and Vegusto vegan cheese. I didn't however actually think they had that much stock - i know it's a small shop but with it's location being a little out of the way it'd have to carry more to make the trip worthwhile. Some items were also overpriced - why pay for their vegan condoms when Condomi is available in bulk (or even free at some doctors/ clinics). I also noticed the same jelly i buy in my local Asda (3 for £1) on sale for £2.99.
Primal Jerky is a strange foodstuff that I became hooked on when I visited Ethos Vegan Kitchen a few years ago (they stock it as well as being a cafe and having a takeaway baked goods counter). I was happy to get my hands on some, although I think @mrflibbletweets was of the view it was strange.

We had a passing look inside Planet Organic but I wasn't really impressed. We did however pick up some Cliff bars - they are pretty good and would be a nice change to eating Nakd bars all the time.

For dinner we headed over to Moaz Vegetarian in Soho.

I had an avocado moaz - which consisted of avocado, falafel and whatever you wanted from the salad bar in a pitta bread.

It's a good idea, the food was nice - but it's not the holy grail of falafel and it's 100% still fast food in it's style. Similar to Subway perhaps? @mrflibbletweets wasn't keen on the chips ( I didn't try them ). In fact I was SO stuffed from the day's adventures I had to finish mine off in the car on the way home!

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