Sunday, 28 August 2011

Twinwood Festival 2011

So, being the fabulous boyfriend @mrflibbletweets is he got us day tickets for the Saturday of Twinwood. Having attended similar (but smaller) events over the last few years I was really excited about it.
We were both totally unprepared - no chairs, food, umbrellas and in my case no shoes!

After arriving with our Sainsbury's picnic and our blanket we settled down to watch the John Miller Orchestra and have some lunch.

I think we did pretty well considering the rush and had an old favourite - hummus and falafel sandwiches with salad. There were many food options there for the omnivores, but not even a single vegetarian food van in sight. I'm not sure I would have risked it even if there had been one although at Isle of Wight Festival 2009 there were loads of really good vegan options all over the place. I've always found festivals a bit hit and miss in that way - during the years I went to Reading I found the choices limiting (2003-2005).

The weather wasn't great and @mrflibbletweets braved the weather and found us umbrellas. I managed to get soaked - and sunburnt! There were loads of traders there - Vivien of Holloway and Heyday being my favourites.

Over our dinner we caught The Hep Chaps and Si Cranstoun while trying to keep dry. We rounded off the evening in the Casablanca Club to watch Maddie Brown before braving the mud and heading home.

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  1. i love your dress!! its very pretty. wish we had gone to twin wood! much jealous. xx