Sunday, 23 October 2011

Burst Juice Bar - Leamington Spa - CLOSED

As this is such a small place I'd not really thought to blog about it before but after taking a trip there this morning I decided it was about time.
They offer a surprising amount of vegan options. The vegan sausage and tomato chutney bagel is my favourite but they do vegan soup (depending what the specials are at the time), salad, baked potato option and baguette option. They are not vegetarian and do serve meat but it's nice they've got the vegans covered. Granted the sausage they use is Linda McCartney but it's great to have the option of somewhere to grab something for lunch whilst out and about.
It's their juices that are really special though. I love the Cherrylicious but I'm reliably informed many of their others are good too. They have expansive lists of options on their blackboards all around the shop and make the juice fresh in front of you whilst you wait. They have 3 small tables inside, but I've never had a problem getting somewhere to sit when I've visited. During August I even took my good friend @kellykaos and she raved about it for weeks afterwards.
They can be found at 77 Regent Street.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Nottingham and a not so Screaming Carrot Bakery

Today @mrflibbletweets gave in to my burger cravings (mentioned in a previous post) and we drove up to Nottingham to visit the Alley Cafe. On the way we decided to stop off at the Screaming Carrot Bakery. As you can see from my photo it's in a strange location - nothing much else around just a bunch of housing in not the most up and coming area of Nottingham.

I am surprised they call themselves a bakery, I mean technically they do make the stuff on site but there is only a selection of 3 or 4 types of cake and the same again in pies/ pastys. It reminded me more of The one Earth shop in Birmingham where it's mostly a health food shop with a takeaway counter. Maybe my assessment is unfair and I went on a day when they had less than usual but going by their website that's not the case.
We brought some bakewell tart, carrot cake, spanakopita pasty and sundried tomato and lentil pasty. I have yet to try either pasty (they're heating up in the oven as we speak) but the cake was genuinely good. I really liked the carrot cake and enjoyed the fact it was iced.
All of their in store made food is vegan and they sell the usual (Fry's, tofu, vegan yoghurt). I did find it slightly odd they also sell packaged products containing honey, so not all shop stock is vegan. In all I really liked the cake, but the small selection and odd location wouldn't be enough to bring me back ( besides it's a 120 mile round trip!).
The Alley Cafe was delightful as last week - however they'd done something different with their burger (spicier). Didn't get the try the cheesecake they had on offer this time as was stuffed from the burger - and besides we had cake in the car :)

Friday, 21 October 2011

Pretty Things <3

Whilst I'm still searching for the perfect pair of vegan winter boots for my birthday trip to Estonia there are plenty of other things I've got my eyes on.

As the winter is drawing in I'm also hoping to get back to some crafty endeavours as I have to admit since finishing my design degree a year and a half ago I have been useless.
I am in love with Orla Kiely and love @mrflibbletweets greatly for relenting and buying us the fabulous stem print duvet cover for our bedroom.

He's also set me up a kind of temporary workspace in my office so I need to get making things again soon. I love Boris Bear a character which features with Dick Bruna's Miffy - just a shame I don't have lots of cute prints to decorate with!

It's been a while......

So I realise it has been an age since I last posted. I've been down right blog lazy - I've been no less vegan, and certainly not stopped cooking/ eating out I've just had many good things going on recently which seem to have taken over somewhat.
While I'm here I'll give you a rundown of my favourite things from the last few months and I promise to get back to blogging soon (you may even become sick of my vegan ramblings).
Something I HAVE to tell you about is The Alley Cafe in Nottingham. I had the 'Happy Hemp Burger' and it was seriously good - so good in fact my cravings might ensure I'm dashing back up the motorway for a fix pretty soon! The cheesecake I had here was also seriously good. The strength of the food was very good, although the layout of the place was a little odd.
The cafe, as it's name suggests is tucked up a side alley in central Nottingham - but it's not at all hard to find. I'm afraid I'm once again lacking in photographs as @mrflibbletweets steals them and puts them on his blog first. It's a very small cafe with only a handful of tables inside, I saw posters claiming they have live music but I have no idea how as their bar takes up a third of the inside space!