Friday, 21 October 2011

It's been a while......

So I realise it has been an age since I last posted. I've been down right blog lazy - I've been no less vegan, and certainly not stopped cooking/ eating out I've just had many good things going on recently which seem to have taken over somewhat.
While I'm here I'll give you a rundown of my favourite things from the last few months and I promise to get back to blogging soon (you may even become sick of my vegan ramblings).
Something I HAVE to tell you about is The Alley Cafe in Nottingham. I had the 'Happy Hemp Burger' and it was seriously good - so good in fact my cravings might ensure I'm dashing back up the motorway for a fix pretty soon! The cheesecake I had here was also seriously good. The strength of the food was very good, although the layout of the place was a little odd.
The cafe, as it's name suggests is tucked up a side alley in central Nottingham - but it's not at all hard to find. I'm afraid I'm once again lacking in photographs as @mrflibbletweets steals them and puts them on his blog first. It's a very small cafe with only a handful of tables inside, I saw posters claiming they have live music but I have no idea how as their bar takes up a third of the inside space!

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