Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Mama Packs and other such things

So I recently discovered I was expecting this lovely small person on the 27/05/2012.

The first thing some of my friends asked me was "Are you going to stay vegan?". Well ...... Of course! But it did hit home to me I knew nothing about vegan pregnancy. I've since been reading up on the Internet and have read several books on the subject. After my first appointment with my midwife where she informed me she was more than happy for me to continue with my diet I've been happily getting on with things. I've been constantly learning new things the last few months and I'm sure I'll be learning a whole lot more!
Friends told me to be excited about the free Bounty packs of samples I would get- the first at my midwife appointment . I was disappointed - I'm not remotely interested in disposable nappies and yoghurt drops! If you feel the same check out mama packs - a more Eco minded freebie pack :) granted I've had to bin/ donate a few non vegan items but all in all not bad!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The New Farm Vegetarian Cookbook

So the title of this book is slightly misleading - it's more like a vegan cookbook (if you ignore the one or two recipes which include honey). I haven't got this down from the shelf in a while so thought it was about time.
If you can get past the hippy 70's vibes (i never said there was anything wrong with hippys!) of this book it's actually pretty decent and I think a little forgotten by modern vegans. It's actually quite interesting - 'The Farm' is and still are a community in Tennessee, USA. I believe they've been around since the 70's and live by a 'pure vegetarian' diet. Some attention on the Internet has been placed on the 'mac n cheese' recipe from this book (which incidentally I don't use, I created my own before I ever set eyes on this book - they are quite similar!) but there are many more hidden gems inside.
Apart from it being a bit of a time warp with pictures of hippy types farming, making soy milk and tofu - there are really great sections about nutrition, raising and feeding vegan children, and basic (but really great!) staples such as tofu cheesecake and many yummy soya bean recipes.
If you've never set eyes on this book before, I recommend you do!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Crazy Rumours Lip Balm

So when I discovered this recently I just knew I had to have some. It's getting to the time of year where my lips need some care and the selection at Lush this year for vegans seems a bit boring.
I ordered the set from Super Smoocher and as you can see they arrived nicely packaged with glitter hearts and a sweetie.
The root beer flavour has got to be my favourite but the others are all fabulous! Their whole range is vegan ( although that website do sell no vegan things, it's all clearly labelled ).

Baguette Pizza

This isn't an original idea, just something I can't believe I've never made before. It reminds me of my misspent youth having drunken nights out and heading down to Greggs in the morning for one of these ( during none vegan days ). If you don't know what Greggs is you obviously weren't brought up in the midlands, or have had a lucky escape. It is certainly not a place I miss going.
My version of this is super simple - a baguette ( part baked works best as it doesn't end up too done after cooking, but if you have regular it will work ), tomato sauce, Edam cheezly and a sprinkling of Mexican basil and cracked black pepper. It's assembled and cooked at 200 degrees for around 10 minutes. It's really worth getting your hands on Mexican basil, it's not hard to find and I got my plant at Tesco's and with care has lasted me months.

'Bear' Products

Just a brief post to tell you how much I love these! The yo yo's especially - I know they are meant for kids and come with cute collectible cards, but I love 'em! They've become a daily fixture as a work snack and help me get in some of my 5 a day :)