Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The New Farm Vegetarian Cookbook

So the title of this book is slightly misleading - it's more like a vegan cookbook (if you ignore the one or two recipes which include honey). I haven't got this down from the shelf in a while so thought it was about time.
If you can get past the hippy 70's vibes (i never said there was anything wrong with hippys!) of this book it's actually pretty decent and I think a little forgotten by modern vegans. It's actually quite interesting - 'The Farm' is and still are a community in Tennessee, USA. I believe they've been around since the 70's and live by a 'pure vegetarian' diet. Some attention on the Internet has been placed on the 'mac n cheese' recipe from this book (which incidentally I don't use, I created my own before I ever set eyes on this book - they are quite similar!) but there are many more hidden gems inside.
Apart from it being a bit of a time warp with pictures of hippy types farming, making soy milk and tofu - there are really great sections about nutrition, raising and feeding vegan children, and basic (but really great!) staples such as tofu cheesecake and many yummy soya bean recipes.
If you've never set eyes on this book before, I recommend you do!

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