Friday, 30 December 2011


Christmas has been surprisingly busy this year considering we stayed at home on the actual day and spent our last one as just the two of us.
On the day we had a selection of veggies, stuffing, redwoods faux meats and my star covered en croute.
The past week has been a very lazy one away at the seaside with family.
As I'm back at work in the morning my mind has turned to lunch and the fact I should really be watching what I am eating now I'm 20 weeks pregnant. My lunch efforts are always varied and sometimes not at all so I've treated myself to a few items from the Lunchbots range for motivation. I'll share some lovely pictures with you all once I've actually used it :) I've brought the insulated bowl as well so have many plans for nice soups and stews - maybe even some homemade bread on the side.


  1. Your en croute looks gooood! I look forward to seeing your lunches :)

  2. Aww thank you! It was huge tho, most of it I ate as leftovers in sandwiches :)