Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Back To Work Lunch

So I promised to share my lunches with you, and here is my first of the year. Decided to keep it simple so it's just a wholemeal bread salad/ pate sandwich cut with a star cutter and faux ham/ cream cheese roll ups with cut little food picks. The silicon food cup is to add dipping sauce in the morning before I go.

The rest of my lunch is made up of walnuts and dried fruit to snack on, a tub of chocolate granola for breakfast and a thermos of soya milk for the granola/ drinking. I'll also add an item of fresh fruit in the morning.

At the moment I'm using a Lunchbots Uno and Pico for my main lunch containers. The pink tub is a breakfast to go by Sistema (used without the milk container as I've found it leaks), Miffy drink sized Thermos and a Built NYC lunch tote.
Hopefully I'll get a little more creative than this as the weeks go on, but not bad for a last minute first attempt.


  1. You've become a blogging machine!

    Good to see you're eating well at work :)

  2. I know I said it already on Twitter... but I thought I'd come and leave you a comment too :) I Love your lunch, aaand I want your giraffe pick :D

  3. Very cute! I've always got my eye out for good lunch box ideas;)