Monday, 2 January 2012

Books for Pregnancy

As you may have gathered I'm currently pregnant. I've not really any friends that have had children, let alone vegan ones so decided right away I should be doing some reading on diet during pregnancy. I might be wrong but there isn't that many books on the topic out there so i've read whatever I could get my hands on. The above book from The Vegan Society is the best I have read so far. It does perhaps assume you don't know much about vegan nutrition but I think this is a positive - at least it covers all bases. There are sections that range from pre conception to early childhood and I've found the information and sample pregnancy menu invaluable. 

The 'Everything Vegan Pregnancy Book' was very informative and covers a lot of bases regarding vitamins and nutrition. It's certainly worth reading - I'm not sure if it was just the style of writing or that I felt it was a little on the information overload side but I didn't get on as well with this book. 
This one is a little harder to get your hands on, it's currently unavailable on Amazon but I managed to grab a second hand copy. It's worth reading, has a nice attitude and tone - as well as nutrition information.

Another good (and affordable!) one, more of a booklet than a book but filled with good nutritional advice.

The NHS has a website with some advice, although personally I didn't find it all that useful - but great it exists all the same.

The Viva! website has several pages on nutrition and is very informative - especially good if you want some good advice but don't want to spash out on buying books. 

Another quick thing to mention - vitamins. After looking around for a while I found this one made by Deva. I had to order them from the Internet but I checked them out with my midwife would said they looked fine to be taking (she also advised me as a vegan I should take a vitamin daily throughout). I can't comment on if any of the books or advice meet 'official' advice (not sure there is any), but this is just an example of what I've found useful. 


  1. I think it's fantastic you're raising your baby vegan, but I imagine it must be quite hard.
    Have you looked on the PPK forums? I know there are a lot of mums on their. Could be good to get some info and support x

  2. I''m lucky in that I have the support of my fabulous vegan partner and all the health professionals I'm in the care of have been supportive. I'm not sure it will be hard but when it comes to nursery and school dinners, children's parties etc they'll certainly be some things to consider!

  3. Great post, both vegan pregnancy books are great and very handy :) the survival guide is also available at herbivore clothing

    Looking forward to reading more posts x

  4. Thanks for reading :) Currently enjoying reading both your blogs!

  5. Congrats on your pregnancy!

    And thanks for the book reviews. We're hoping to start a family in the near future and I'd like to continue pursuing veganism when the times comes so these books are really helpful. Thanks :)