Sunday, 1 January 2012

Vegan Lunch Box: A Review

So after looking at this book several times and dismissing it I finally took the plunge and brought a copy. Also being the owner of a Kindle I had previously brought the 'Around the World' version of this book and promptly returned it - it doesn't work well in electronic format.
It is aimed at children - this may be a little obvious but I feel it's worth stating. It is however easily translatable and I've already had loads of ideas for lunches from this book. As to the 'recipes' - most are not really recipes as much as ideas and I never seem to make things true to their instructions :/
I used to be a fan of the Vegan Lunch Box blog, however she seems to rarely use it now and in one of her last blog posts mentions she isn't vegan anymore.
I'm glad I brought this book - I'd give it about 3 stars. Full of lovely ideas but more pictures and a few more 'adult friendly' recipes would have balanced it out nicely. 

I'd also seen these previously mentioned on the blog but it looks like they we given away- Lunchbots. The To Go Ware tiffins which seem to feature regularly seem pretty hard to get hold of in the UK.
It seems anybody that knows me may also know I have a bit of a fetish for lunch items. I own lots of Miffy and Hello Kitty bento items as well as a Ms Bento and various tiffin style lunch boxes as well. As awesome as bento boxes are, they are just not very big so sadly do not get much use. The Ms Bento is very good - for those of you not in the know it is a Thermos style food jar with three containers that stack inside (one for miso soup, one for rice and one for wet food). However I've been looking for some nice containers I can use inside my Built NY lunch tote that fit nicely and save me using plastic wrap. I've yet to try them out yet but they seem to be nice quality. The Uno is big enough for one sandwich and the Pico is split into two halves and will be useful for snack items such as nuts and grapes. I'm also still awaiting an Eco version which looks perfect for salads and an insulated food bowl in pink. Once I've used them a while and made up some lunches I'll share them :D

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