Monday, 19 March 2012

Vegfest Brighton, 2012

After a morning of being undecided @mrflibbletweets and I headed down to Brighton on Saturday for Vegfest. I'd only ever been to one vegan event like this before (West Midlands Vegan Fest in Wolverhampton) and had been sufficiently scared to stay away since.


Admittedly, we didn't stay for more than an hour (too tempted by the other delights Brighton has to offer) but we had a good look around and even bumped into some friendly faces. While we were there we did however try a vegan kebab from Wheaty (for pictures check out @mrflibbletweets blog here)

During the same trip we also visited Food For Friends and Terre a Terre (greedy I know). On my next visit I'm dying to try out the various places around Brighton which serve vegan gelato!





Friday, 9 March 2012

I haven't Abandoned You.....

I'm still around, I've just been taking a bit of a break. I'm still working on the next issue of the zine. Preparing for life with a new baby is lots of work - and I've still got around two months to go! Also I've been told I have gestational diabetes - which sucks, so I've been sparing you of the low carb nightmares I call my meals these days. I'll be back soon :)