Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Baby Products

You wouldn't think these were hard to find right? Sure if you wonder into somewhere like Boots or Mothercare they have a bunch of 'baby boxes' filled with everything you need - but it's not vegan. I was delighted when I'd discovered a few months ago that Simple Skincare made a baby range and I'd known about their wipes for a couple of years - but I also recently discovered that Simple are now owned by Unilever. In my household we choose not to buy products from companies of which we don't agree with their practices. It sometimes poses a dilemma though - although most Simple products are technically still vegan as they contain no animal products do you continue to buy to encourage and show a big bad company that there is a demand for these products or boycott because you don't agree with the practices the parent company has for it's other brands? It's a real shame as Simple is very accessible and sensibly priced. Unilever is one of the main brands that we avoid due to their animal testing policies. Here is some more information about brands that you may want to avoid. Everybody has different opinions and limits regarding things like this - but it's nice to have the information. I'm going to use up what I had already brought then move on to Superdrug's own brand for myself.

Getting back on subject, there are a few other brands I've found which produce baby ranges. Jason is one of them (their 'Earth's Best' nappy cream is pictured). Some of Beaming Baby's products are also suitable for vegans, though as far as I can tell their wipes aren't. It's the same for Bentley Organics - some of their baby range is suitable.

I've found loads of 'Eco' baby brands out there, some which blatantly aren't suitable and others that may be but don't state it. Since sourcing wipes may turn out to be a problem I've opted for some Cheeky Wipes as we are planning to go down the cloth nappy route anyway - so why not use reusable wipes? It's better for the environment anyway.

If anybody knows of any other vegan baby products available in the UK please let me know! I've been scouring the Internet and my local health food stores and not come up with anything else so far!


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