Thursday, 12 April 2012

Kor Hydration Vessel

Anybody who knows me will also know I have a major weakness for lunchbox related items. I already own a Bobble which I've had for almost a year (they require a change of filter every two months). It's a simple idea - it filters water whilst you drink (it does actually make a difference to taste). Despite @mrflibbletweets initially thinking it was a gimmick, after trying mine out he's thoroughly converted.

I wanted something to carry about with me that I could also use occasionally for things other than water (maybe a bit of squash?). I also own a 0.6L Sigg bottle, but it's just not quite big enough. I'm also not keen on the fact it's not see through - but it does stay cold nicely if i make my drink up ahead of time and pop it in the fridge. Then to prevent the bottle 'sweating' and making everything in my bag wet I use a Built NYC bottle tote - it's just all a bit of a faff! These look like no other water bottle I've ever seen. Kor's website is a bit gimmicky - they seem like a good company who donate a percentage of their sales to charity but 'hydration vessel'? They are clearly trying to make this something it is not.

Each bottle comes with 'Kor Stones' which you can choose and insert into the lid of the bottle. Apparently these are to give you motivation each time you drink. I think it's a bit of a strange idea, and the 'Kor Stones' are really just bits of paper. They sell sets of these on their website with different motivational messages, but at $2 a sheet I can safely say I won't be getting any (should you want some I haven't found anywhere in the UK selling them ).

Overall, despite the gimmicks it's a nice bottle which feels quite sturdy. I like the wide drinking spout and it's ability to take ice cubes. It holds 750ml and is quite large, but that's what I was looking for - they make 500ml versions in some models.


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