Saturday, 26 May 2012

Tots Bots & Cheeky Wipes

As some of you may have gathered I gave birth to my daughter just over a week ago :) it's been a tiring and all together wonderful experience so far.
As she was a healthy 8lb 9oz at birth I started using her washable nappies as soon as we were home from the hospital. We brought a fulltime set (20 assorted designs & colours) of the Tots Bots v3 easyfit from a wonderful local company - The Cotton Nappy Shop.
I'd heard that I might expect to have to wait a while for these to fit her even though they claim to be 'birth to potty' but they are a good fit already and i've been really impressed with no leaks and how nicely they've washed.
I tried out the fleece 'stay dry' liner that comes with each nappy but i wasnt a fan of the cleaning needed before putting in the washing machine - i much prefer the flushable paper liners!
I've also been using Cheeky Wipes - we brought a full set with extras in terry towelling pink. I love these - they are SO much better than disposables and can be washed in the same load as the nappies.
Right - my baby products rant is over :)