Thursday, 7 June 2012

Fuzzi Bunz for Moms Review

As I've thoroughly got used to my daughters reusable nappies now (just a few weeks ago the idea of changing a nappy made me gag!) I'd began to consider the idea of reusable san pro. If she is visibly more comfortable in cloth vs disposable then why should I continue to use disposable products? My only encounter with these types of products before was a free sample packet of Imse Vimmse organic cotton panty liners. I'd tried them a few times - but wasn't terribly impressed with them for comfort and how they washed. Using fabric softener with these would be a big no no as it'd affect absorbency (just like with nappies) but after a couple of washes I found the cotton felt quite rough. So I abandoned the idea, but now post birth I've decided to give them another go.

I brought a set of Fuzzi Bunz whilst they were on offer (at Babi Pur). I liked the idea of the fleece layer, and I've certainly found it more comfortable. They wash well, and are easy to just pop in the wash whilst I'm taking care of a load of nappies.

I guess quite a few people might find the whole idea really off putting, but in reality they are really easy to take care of and I prefer them 100% over disposable products. I suppose the Mooncup is becoming more popular, but for some these might still be a step too far?

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