Saturday, 30 June 2012

Nappy Round Up

So now my daughter is almost 7 weeks old I've fully gotten to grips with her 'cotton' nappies and had the chance to try out a few different brands so thought I'd share with you my thoughts so far.

TotsBots Easyfits V3

These are the ones we liked the look/ sound of best in the shop and brought a 'fulltime' set of 20 to start with before she was born. They're a really good fit, not at all bulky and wash very well. The main attraction is that because they don't contain bamboo like the previous version they dry very quickly, which is great for us as we have no tumble dryer and can't rely on the weather to be good to hang them out. The 'minky' part inside has stayed nice and soft and we've had no colour runs (we own various prints/ colours but no red as I'd heard they leach colour). We've had a few leaks with these and unfortunately I've had to stop using them at night, I'm sure this isn't an issue with the nappies - we just have a little girl who wets more at night!

I've since written an update post about issues I've had with these nappies. Read it HERE

Tots Bots Bamboozles & Wraps

After the issue of using the Easyfits at night started once she was around 3 weeks old I was recommended these as being more absorbent and almost leak proof due to separate wrap. It's certainly true we've had no leaks using these but they're not all that quick drying! It takes at least a full 48 hours for these to dry inside and takes a full day of warm sun on the line. I can't see how you'd be able to use these full time unless you owned a tumble dryer as you'd need so many!

I'd say apart from the long drying time my only gripe with these is that they no longer feel as soft after only around 10 or so washes. Again this might be down to my lack of tumble dryer, so if you own one and want something very reliable then they're great. Also something to note - we have two in white and two in purple. For some unknown reason the white fabric feels better quality and has retained it's 'softness' better.


The wraps are great - wash and dry really quickly and you don't need a totally new one for each bamboozle. They advise one for each 5 but I've gone for one for every two since I'm only using them at night. The only downside with these is that they are sized so won't last 'birth to potty' like everything else. At 11lbs she's in size 1 and it fits her nicely.

Tots Bots Liners


These are worth a quick mention as they are so handy. At around £2.50 for a roll of 100 they are worth keeping around. The Easyfits come with a washable 'stay dry' fleece liner but the clean up with them for 'number twos' can be quite messy. These disposable liners can be used alongside or instead of the fleece liners and make flushing everything away and keeping your washing machine poo free (TMI perhaps?) a much easier job.

Bum Genius All in One

I brought these on a whim when I saw them in Mothercare at a great sale price. Not in a colour I'd have chosen but that doesn't matter too much and even though it's advised 20 are all you need to use 'cotton' nappies full time I've found the washing to be much more manageable with around 30.


I have to say I love these nappies! They come with one thick insert (which is sizeable with poppers to match the size you have cover set at) and one booster per nappy cover which are totally separate unlike with the Easyfits which has the insert attached and folds out for drying. I've not had a single leak with these nappies and they even work great for nightimes, I've used them with and without the boosters and they've never failed. They are slightly more bulky than Easyfits (the Bamboozles are VERY bulky), but not enough to make it a downside. They also have a 'stay dry' layer incorporated and seem a bit more generous on their sizing without it affecting the fit for a smaller baby. I'm still glad I went for mostly Tots Bots as drying time was a major factor for me - Bum Genius takes around 24 hours to dry inside whereas the Easyfits take around 6 - 8 depending on the temp. If this is no issue then I'd certainly say Bum Genius are the most reliable.

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