Monday, 9 July 2012

Baby Wearing: Sling Reviews

So i really wasn't excited by this idea initially - I thought it would be too heavy, uncomfortable and just not practical. Then I started using our Silver Cross travel system and discovered how heavy it was! After a few weeks I was left with major back/ shoulder ache and started looking at other options out there.

I wasn't looking for a baby carrier for all the time use, I still wanted to use my pram for certain situations. I just wanted something for quick trips into shops from the car, around the house and for places where prams weren't accessible.

The first I purchased was the Moby wrap.

I've been really pleased with this in terms of comfort and once I'd practiced a few times it really wasn't hard to put on. The only downside with this is the length of the wrap - if putting on whilst out and about it's really hard to keep it from trailing on the floor and takes a bit of time. If I was going out for a while I'd put up with this for the level of comfort once on, but for half an hours wear it's really not worth it.


I then went in search of something that was easier for these quick trips and came across the Babasling. It looked perfect, comfy and easy to put on. Once I got home and tried it however it was desperately uncomfortable and i just couldn't get baby in a comfortable position that felt safe. I returned it the very next day.


After some grumbling about the Babasling I was recommended a 'ring sling' and after some research purchased a lovely cherry print one made by Palm & Pond. I'm not sure it'll be very good once she gets past a certain weight but for now it was everything I'd hoped for. It's easy to put on, easy to adjust and very comfortable. (It's not a great picture!)



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