Monday, 23 July 2012

'Mama Cloth'

I've posted before about the brands of mama cloth I've used HERE, but it's now a little later on and I've acquired more and feel I can comment on how they're holding up a few months further on.

Why Should You Use Reusable Sanitary Products?

There are many reasons why reusable is better than disposable - there are comfort, environmental and health benefits. Think how much better you'd feel knowing you weren't sending all that rubbish to a landfill every month and not coming into contact with all the chemicals used in disposable pads and tampons! The main reason I use them? I find them more comfortable and really simple to look after. The first thing I ever tried out was a Mooncup, then with the birth of my daughter moved onto cloth pads as well. If I'd have known these things were an option I'd have switched years ago and in years to come when it's time to introduce my daughter to such products - these are the types I'll give her.

I already owned Imse Vimse all in one pads in liner & maxi and a few sets of the Fuzzi Bunz 'daisy' print in regular. I still use the Imse Vimse, although the Fuzzi Bunz were my favourite, so I went ahead and added THIS 'starter' kit to my collection so I had enough to last me through each month. I've also invested in a lovely Luna Blanket.

Moon Cup

I brought my first Mooncup about 4 years ago. I didn't get on well with it to start with and found it hard to use, however after a couple of cycles I'd figured it out and there was no turning back. I'd never been able to use tampons apart from occasionally (swimming, sports etc) as I found them too uncomfortable, however the Moon Cup was great and couldn't even tell it was there! The only downsides I found was using it whilst out & about and sometimes being unable to rinse it between uses if a public toilet didn't have a sink in one of the stalls. There are ways around this (ie: carrying a bottle of water or wipes). Personally I'd say reusable pads are easier from this respect as you just need to carry a small wet bag or lovely purse such as the one by WEMOON for your pads - much lighter than a bottle of water!

Fuzzi Bunz

The 'daisy' print pads I already owned and the 'brights' which came in my new starter kit are slightly different - I'm not sure if the 'brights' are a new version, but the absorbing part seems a little bigger - other than this they are essentially the same. The original pads have now been used/ washed quite a few times and still look brand new - I find the 'wet pail' method works best to keep them looking good. I've found these to be totally reliable and I really like how the top fleece layer is 'stay dry'. I've not tried their nappies out with my daughter, but going by how much I love these it makes me wish I had! I thoroughly recommend this brand - really comfy and really easy to take care of.

Luna Blanket

I really wish I'd have brought this before the birth of my daughter for use post partum. I ended up with it's ikky disposable equivalent which I found really uncomfortable to sleep/ sit on - especially in hot weather. So much so that the night I actually needed something on the bed when my waters broke I was protesting to my partner about why I didn't need to use them!

I've not really tested this out as my mama cloth is so reliable - but it's well made, soft and great for peace of mind. Not my first choice of design, but they don't seem to be that easy to come by in the UK without paying for shipping from the US/ Canada.

Imse Vimse

These are super reliable and the maxi size are even more absorbent and slightly longer than the Fuzzi Bunz, which is great for nighttime use. I love that these are made from organic cotton, so wonderfully kind to sensitive skin. My two main problems with these are that after a few washes they no longer feel soft and that they stain - even using the wet pail method, whilst my Fuzzi Bunz still look brand new. I sometimes use 'Bio D Nappy Sanitiser' and wash them at 90 degrees on a cotton load - which does help a little - but it's a major pain as the rest of my mama cloth requires a 60 degree wash and it's just not worth doing a separate wash for the 6 Imse Vimse pads I own. If organic materials are important to you and you don't mind a few stains then these pads work very well and are still comfy.


To clean my pads (and nappies - I often put them all in together to make up a full load) I use Faith in Nature's Laundry Liquid and Bio- D Nappy Sanitiser. I only use 1/4 cap of the liquid per wash to avoid build up and this works perfectly every time. I use the Bio-D every couple of washes or if I'm trying to remove stains - this works pretty well. I use flushable liners with my daughter's nappies so they never really get stained so haven't noticed much difference with those, but with my mama cloth (especially the Imse Vimse which are more prone to stains) it does a superb job. I've love to try out the detergents made by Rockin Green - especially their Femme Rock which is especially made for washing cloth pads, but at time of writing I can't find it in the UK and shipping costs are too expensive to justify!

Both these products work great on nappies and pads, are free from optical whiteners, vegan and don't leave reside or cause build up in the fabric. I always wash by running a cold rinse, then a hot 60 degree cycle followed by another cold rinse - sounds a lot but if you own enough to see you through a cycle you only need do this once a month! I always line dry - the sun is especially good for naturally 'bleaching' out stains, in both nappies and pads.

If you're hesitant to give it a go, don't be. Really I was very put off the idea until I actually started using them myself and found out how easy it was :)



  1. This is SO helpful, thank you so much for writing it! I'm looking at buying the FuzziBunz starter kit from Can you tell me; does the mooncup give you enough confidence to swim? I don't swim regularly but I'm thinking forwards to holidays...

  2. Hi, Thanks for your comment! I'm still really pleased with the FuzziBunz kit and Babipur have excellent customer service :) Yes I've used Mooncup for swimming when on holiday etc. I tend not to swim regularly - but when I have it's never let me down.