Friday, 6 July 2012

Woktastic - Birmingham

Now before I go any further this isn't a vegetarian restaurant -it's a Sushi & Noodle Bar, however on request they'll happily provide vegan food.

On my most recent visit I ate Agedashi Tofu,

And a modified version of Tempura Vegetable Curry,


In the past I've also had at request made veggie sushi (mayo free) which has been very good.

The interiors are bright and modern and it's has the classic conveyor belt style seating, with tables away from the belt also if ordering from the menu. The food is genuinely good and it's nice to have an alternative place to eat in Birmingham, especially when with non-veggie friends.

In general I do prefer to go to exclusively v*gan restaurants and cafes, but unlike at the nearby Cafe Soya I've always felt they understand vegan requirements well and never worried what I'd be served was a mistake. It's not worth several hours travel (like we regularly do for Veggie World in Bletchley) but if you find yourself hungry in Birmingham it's a good option.

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