Friday, 10 August 2012

Rockin' Green Nappy Detergent

I was sent over some samples to try by the lovely people at (they're the distrubuters for the UK & Europe) - I've been dying to try this out as I've tried several combinations of detergents/ sanitisers, but aside from Bio - D never anything that's designed specifically for nappies.

I had to try out in 'Classic Rock' - Rage Against The Raspberries, Bare Naked Babies (the scent free option) & Earth, Wind & Orchid in both 'Classic' and 'Hard Rock' (for hard water areas). Not really being sure if I lived in a hard water area or not I was interested to see which would work best for me!

On the back of the packet there are instructions for using both in a wash and to soak. I've never had a problem with build up in my nappies, and as I use flushable liners I never need to soak them either - so I tried out all the samples using a cold rinse, followed by a 60 degree wash with Tots Bots V3's, Bum Genius all in one's, Bamboozles and Tot's Bots wraps.

  • The Verdict
- I was really pleased with how well this performs! All brands of nappies which I tried washed lovely and came out clean, soft & stain free. I really will be ordering more of this to use regularly with my daughter's nappies. It leaves no trace of scent which I've found can be a problem with other detergents, so for this point it gets a big thumbs up! I no longer have to do a rinse before and after (only before now) the wash cycle to prevent build up and get rid of the scent! (You can buy it HERE)


  • A Side Note
- Through curiosity I also used the Earth, Wind & Orchid variety in 'Hard Rock' to wash baby clothes and cloth sanitary pads. I didn't see much difference with the baby clothes, they were only lightly soiled and came out clean as usual, however with the sanitary pads it was excellent! I'll certainly be buying more to use just for this purpose! I'm aware that 'Femme Rock' exists for this, but so far I've been unable to find it in the UK for a reasonable price.

This product was provided to me free of charge from the company in order to review it. However the opinions expressed in this review are independent and my own

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