Sunday, 30 September 2012

Rockin Green - Pail Freshener

After I trialed several different types of Rockin Green in a previous review I was really pleased to see that my local nappy shop had started stocking it. I also got a chance to pick up a 'Shake It Up' Pail freshener in 'Lavender Mint Revival' (my favorite Rockin Green Scent'.)
I was really impressed with how well a tiny sprinkle works in the bottom of a wet bag whilst out and about (I use THESE Itti Bitti wetbags by the way, best ones I've used by miles), however to be effective in my main nappy bucket I'd need to use quite a lot which at around £8.95 - £10 a packet works out to be very expensive!
In short - I'll be using it to keep my nappy bag smelling fresh whilst out and about, but at home I'll just keep those bucket lids clipped on tight!

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