Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Baby Compote For Your Freezer

Since I started making my own baby food I've found keeping some stored in the freezer infinitely useful. I like to make my daughter fresh food, but don't always have the time. It's also handy to have some made up to provide to my mum whilst on babysitting duty!

Peach & Banana

Skin one banana and two peaches - chop into small chunks. Steam the fruit for 5 minutes (water level 1 in a babycook).

Tip away and excess water and place into blender. Give it a few pulses until smooth.

Makes enough for about two pots (I use Tommee Tippee available in most supermarkets). Cool as quickly as possible and store straight away.

I use a drywipe pen to write the contents and date on the pots as food should only be kept for a maximum of one month.

Other Flavours - You could also try many more combinations. My daughter loves Strawberry & Banana, Apple & Pear, Beetroot, Peaches, Peaches & Pear..... When cooking 'harder' fruits like apples and pears they'll need to be steamed for a little longer (Babycook water level 2 = 10 mins). Always remove the skin from the fruit as it contains too much fibre for babies!

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