Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Filofax Flex Slim

You'll have to forgive my sudden barrage of Filofax related posts this week. It's just got to that time of year again when I've started thinking about personal organisation for 2013 and how I'll have to do it differently now I'm a mum. Needs change and no longer am I keeping track of shifts at work, meetings & nights out - but Drs appointments, health visitor clinics and play dates (whilst planning a wedding!).

I love my personal sized Filofax, I really do. But the Flex caught my eye some time ago, however back then I didn't really see a place for it in my life. I used to carry a massive handbag to work and everywhere I went, so along came the Filofax. These days that handbag is a baby's changing bag and room inside it for myself is at a premium. Enter the Flex.

I opted for the 'Slim' because as I mentioned I wanted it to be compact and it really lives up to it. I know lots of Filofax fans who don't like these, but the thing is you need to let go of your preconceptions of the brand to embrace it. The fact is - I like it so much I may even get an A5 to use solely as my wedding planner. The Flex is never going to replace my 'traditional' Filofax, but it's a great & compact planner/ notebook to compliment it.


  1. Do you feel that a ringed binder would fit in the flex well or do only cloth bound notebooks work in it?

  2. Good question! I'd say it depends what else you have inside it. With the slim I now only use a 'thin' notebook and the year diary + jot pad as anymore seems to not fit correctly (i use the official flex inserts atm). I also have an A5 and that is packed full, with this size I'd say a ring ound notebook would work fine - but not sure if it'd close correctly if you also had other inserts. Hope that makes sense! Cherry x

  3. I have a personal zip graphic filofax but it's so bulky and was thinking about an a5 it possible to insert an a5 plain ringbinder into the slots so they can be used for small amount of inserts in the middle and also put some books into the other slots? Thanks, id greatly appreciate if you showed some images x

  4. I'm not sure you would fit a ringbinder into the flex slim at all. The insert books are pretty thin and you can only fit a couple of those. In the A5 flex you could possibly do this, but you'd have to find one which was the perfect fit - unfortunately I don't have anything that will fit inside mine so can't take any pictures to show you.

    1. ah ok thanks, I've seen two posts about how the ring mechanism from a Filofax can be inserted into the is this possible? is there a gap somewhere?