Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Organised Mum for my Filofax

I've been torn between one of the lovely 'Organised Mum' Life Books (with gorgeous faux leather cover) and my Filofax for years. Until this point I've always stuck with my Filofax as it's offered the flexibility I needed - but now I no longer have to choose! The 'Pick N Mix' range fits my personal sized fax perfectly. I ordered a few sets of stickers (I never found the Filofax brand very useful, but these are perfect!) and the Shopping, Family & Finance packs.

When it came to assembling them inside my fax I couldn't fit everything in - but lots of them (especially the shopping lists etc) are repeats, so I've stored them carefully away for when I need a refill. To be honest I was impressed with how many pages came in each pack and they'll last a good while. Part of this is also how much I already had stashed away in there!

I'm REALLY pleased with these - with spaces for for Christmas lists, party & family planning, family clothes/ shoe sizes, weekly routines, holiday planning, gifts & thank yous, menu & shopping planners, monthly finance planning and shopping lists (plus loads more!)they've really made my Filofax less business orientated and a million times more useful!

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