Thursday, 8 November 2012

A Look Inside my Fliofax Flex A5

As I mentioned before, I really did love my Flex Slim so much (and I had a good discount code to use!) I've invested in a Flex A5. The two Flex that I own are both first edition, most of the new ones seem to be leather and those that aren't didn't tempt me enough!

The cover is the same as the Flex Slim, and as I said before I think they feel lovely for a synthetic cover - I only wish they'd do a personal sized slimline in the same!

Inside I have a thin notebook, a 2013 diary (week across two pages), a jot pad, a 2012 year planner and a 2013 year planner. I'm using this to plan my wedding so you might notice all the flyers and business cards I've got tucked in there!

What I like about the A5 above the slim is that you really can fit more inserts in there without it feeling too bulky or not closing correctly. Inside my slim I have a slim notebook, year diary and jot pad. I also have a contacts book for it, but feel like it doesn't really fit - it also feels like it doesn't close correctly if I put any cards in the pockets. I've not had that with the A5 model at all and it's stuffed full of all sorts of flyers & cards!

As I've said about the Flex before - I don't feel like it replaces my main organiser but it's a great addition, especially for projects like this where I want all the information together in one place. I would have loved to have owned one of these whilst I was at Uni!

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