Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Cheeky Wipes

I know I've talked briefly about these before, but we've recently brought even more so thought it was time to talk about how we use these.

Even before my daughter was born we brought a full kit and as we are using cloth nappies anyway we've been delighted with them, even when out and about I tend to carry these using the wet bags as they are miles better than any disposable wipes we have tried. For nappies we have 50 terry wipes.

We recently also purchased the Hands & Face Kit with microfibre wipes as once we started weaning we realised just what a messy business it is! We have 50 of the aqua microfibre wipes.

We have separate containers for the different types of wipes. One fresh and one mucky box for the hands and face wipes and one fresh for the wipes we use with nappies. We put the dirty nappy wipes in the bucket for cloth nappies once they are used. This system works really well for us.

The microfibre wipes are just excellent for cleaning mucky faces and hands after meals, and unlike disposable wipes in most cases just one gets the job done.

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