Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Lush Caca Rouge Henna: Review

I've used henna before, but around eight years ago (possibly longer). I THINK I used Caca Noir back then, but in any case don't remember much about it. So on a recent trip to Lush to stock up (I LOVE many of their products) I decided to try it out.

Before I talk about it, or show you pictures I should tell you a bit about my hair. It's B A D. I've put it through much abuse over the past 10 years including dreadlocks I've picked out, bleaching, perming and dying it all black to cover up the mistakes! I haven't even had it cut for several years as I've been growing out the bits I had to shave off when ridding myself of dreadlocks! I've been growing out my last dye job (black) for a couple of months so had an inch or two of my natural hair colour at the roots which is quite light brown. I've also been trying to look after it a little more recently and have been using deep conditioning products - hence why I wanted to go with a more natural option to colour it!

So the henna comes in a block as it's mixed with cococa butter and various other lovelies to be kind to your hair. I have hair that is not very thick and a few inches just past my shoulders and I only needed to use half the bar. To prepare I managed to cut off half the bar, then cut that down into small chunks. Then as per lush advise I added a little boiling water and let sit for a few minutes to soften a little, then placed my Pyrex bowl over a pan of water to create a Bain marie effect.

I mixed it all up into a thick paste and was really careful when adding more boiling water as I didn't want to make it too runny! I put it all on my head which was a more messy process than using a chemical dye, but not as bad as I'd been lead to believe! I wrapped it all up well in cling film and left on my hair for 6 hours. I know the instructions say 1 hour, but if you have darker hair I really don't think you'd see any effect if it wasn't left on for a good amount of time. Rinsing off wasn't too bad - I think I shampooed it about three times to make sure it was all out, although I possibly could have gotten away with twice.

So there are the results! You can see that on my natural hair the colour looks more impressive and is a lovely muted and natural red tint. Over the dyed hair it isn't immediately noticeable, however in sunlight it has a lovely red tint. The best part is that it all blends in well and there is no noticeable line where I'm growing out the dye. I plan to keep using this as my hair grows and stay away from those chemicals that cause my hair to shriek in terror.

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