Monday, 12 November 2012

Tots Bots Easyfit V3 Update

I reviewed these nappies earlier HERE and at that point I was really happy with them. Since then though they've become unusable due to leaks!

I seriously tried everything - strip washes, adjusting the fit but regardless of what I did these nappies would leak after only being on for around 30 minutes. They became so unreliable in fact that I had to use the few other brand/ type nappies we had mixed with eco disposables as I just couldn't put up with guaranteed leaks every time I left the house.

Thankfully I've now solved the problem by using bamboo boosters. These Little Lamb ones are excellent and have really saved these nappies!

So I'm not really sure if I am happy with these nappies. We brought 20 of them, and that's a big investment. The 'bonus' of these nappies is that they dry so quickly, which at the time was a 'must' for us as we didn't own a dryer. As far as I can see though, this quick drying time comes at a cost of having less absorbancy. This was fine during the first couple of months when my baby was small and would wet less, but am really disappointed that at the first sign of any 'real' wetness they just can't cope. I've heard this problem doesn't exist with the V2's as they have a bamboo inner rather than the v3's 'minky'.

I understand that in some cases nappies will need boosting. I'm not sure a nappy should need one to be usable at all though. I'm glad I've found a solution and can use the few hundred £'s worth of these that we have, but not pleased that I had to spend another £40 on boosters to make that happen!


  1. I suspect I am starting to have this problem with my v3s. I have been having the same problem with my LL microfibre night nappies so just got 10 LL bamboo boosters to boost those, but didn't think of using them for the v3s! Good plan. Little lamb do fab bargains on their facebook page. I got the night nappies a few months ago for £2.50 each and the bamboo boosters last week for 80p each! Bargain! Free p&p too. Have you blogged about liners? Would be interested :) Have only tried bambino mio so far x

  2. Ohh that it good! Think I paid around £2 each for the LL boosters - they fit perfectly inside the v3's. I have some Bumgenius boosters but they are far too big.
    We use the Tots Bots flushable liners and the fleece washable ones that came with the nappies when we use any nappy creams to protect the nappies. I've not tried any others as these ones more than do the job! We get them here -

  3. I had the same problem V2 are much better for non leaks and the LL boosters are great - I have added a Tots Bots booster from the tenny fit nappy on occassion (v2 ones) and this also helps - if we do get leaks it is always the V3's!

    I must say those - have been super impressed with the poo containment - the odd eco disposable has leaked with a large poop and friends using pampers have leaks all the time - but never had a leak with a tots bots