Thursday, 6 December 2012

And the pain was enough to make A shy, bald buddhist reflect

Teething. It's a pain - literally. We've tried many things to try and ease the pain for our daughter, but it's a natural stage and we need to help her ride it out.

The main brands of teethers we've used are Mam and Nuby. In her first month she used a Mam Perfect soother, but soon got fed up of it so we haven't pushed it as she doesn't miss it.

We tried the Mam Starter teether first as it states it's suitable from 1+ months and comes with a handy strap to prevent dropping/ loosing whilst out. It can be sterilized and popped in the dishwasher but to be honest she's never bothered much with this. The central hole isn't quite big enough for her to hold correctly and it's always just chucked onto the floor.

The next one we brought was a Mam 'Bite & Relax'. I really liked the look of this but sadly it was too big for her mouth and she's not really been able to use it - it's back in it's packaging as maybe it'll be good for when she's a little older.

Next was the Mam 'mini cooler'. This one is great - it can be sterilized, cleaned in the dishwasher and popped in the fridge. Small loves this one and it seems to always head for her mouth rather than just get chucked on the floor.

In terms of Nuby we tried:

Icy Bites

Bug-A-Loop Teether

Teething Blankie

The teething blankie has by far been the most successful of all the teethers we've had so far. It's great as she can really get hold of it and have a good chew. I sterilize this just using Milton wipes on the plastic corners. I'm not so keen on the Icy Bites as they're too big & heavy for her mouth and can't be washed or fully sterilized (as stated on packaging). Small likes the Bug-a-Loop, but only plays with it as a toy - not a teether.

If you'd like a cheaper option to try out I'd really recommend these link teethers I got from Tesco. They don't seem to be on their website, but they were in own brand packaging and you get 4 links for around £1.99. Small also loves these, she takes them with her everywhere she goes!

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