Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Bambino Mio Solo Review

I should start this post off by saying I had a not so good opinion of Bambino Mio before this review. I'd previously brought a pack of their two part system whilst on special offer, however once getting home and having a proper look at it - it was promptly returned! The waterproof covers seemed a strange fit and once folded and put together just wasn't something I'd put my baby in.

So I tried these with not much hope, only giving them a go as I brought two from a high street store on a too good to miss offer.


As my daughter (at 28 weeks) fits into all her other brands of nappies with their poppers fully extended (Tots Bots Easyfits & Bamboozles, Bumgenius) that's how I first tried to put one on her, but a better fit in these for her was on the medium setting. I'd personally say that Tots Bots Easyfits seem quite small (in fact despite these stating they fit up to 35lbs I wonder how much longer they will fit her), Bumgenius are a good size, and these seem slightly bigger. I'm actually quite confident that the MioSolo will fit her right through until she stops needing nappies. My daughter is long and skinny so this won't apply in the same way to babies of a different build.


I've found these nappies pretty good and they last at least three hours unboosted and slightly longer with a Little Lamb bamboo booster. This is really good for us as my daughter is a heavy wetter and we've had a hard time finding a nappy combination which is reliable for us. I haven't used them enough times to be totally confident using them out and about, but it's looking good as we've had no leaks at all.

Washing & Drying

I've washed and dried these around five times now and as I've seen a few others say in reviews they are starting to look a tiny bit tatty. To put things into perspective however they look about the same as my Bumgenius do - a little bobbly on the velcro and 'laundry tabs' but otherwise ok. They don't look 'new' like my Tots Bots do still, but that's ok with me, I'd rather a nappy that performs well.

In terms of drying time - they're not the quickest. I usually air dry any covers that are detachable and tumble dry all the thick inserts, but as these are all in one they are a candidate for air drying. They take a good few hours on the radiator or more like 24 hours just left to hang. As we've not had the weather for it I've not tried to line dry them! The label does state they can be tumble dried on cool, but I try to minimise my use of the drier!

In conclusion I quite like these, I probably won't buy anymore as I've built quite a nappy stash now. The two I've brought will get plenty of use, however if I did need to buy more my money would be spent on Bumgenius as I feel they are better value with the two inserts per nappy they're sold with. If you did go for these however, I'd say compared to certain other products I've tried they'd be a pretty good choice.

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