Monday, 17 December 2012

Christmas Comes Early

It has to be said that all round we're pretty impatient in my household and as a result Christmases and Birthdays often come early. We'd been considering getting a jumperoo for Small as she just LOVES to bounce for awhile but we'd not seen one we liked.

We gave in in the end and this one arrived today. It's pretty big, takes up half the living room and I'm not sure it goes with our decor *rolls eyes* but she loves it - and that's the main thing.

After I managed to easily struggled to put the thing together we let her have a go right away. I mean it is her Christmas present from Mr B and I, but at 7 months old she won't understand the difference between today and actual Christmas day..... so why not.

It's a Fisher Price 'Rainforest' Jumperoo and whilst it doesn't win on points from me for looks, it seems to get 10/10 from Small on fun.


  1. you're right, she does look like she's loving it in her new toy!
    cherry, would you be interested in an ad swap?
    you can find out more here:
    i'll have to also check out your recipes. my friend just made a vegan dessert with avocado and lime, it was to die for.