Sunday, 9 December 2012

Favorite Baby Buys

As is inevitable I guess with any child, we've ended up buying a lot of stuff that's never really been useful and lots of stuff that has almost constantly been in use. I think especially with a first child it's hard to know what is necessary, what's nice to have and what is a waste of money. This post is a roundup of the things Small loves.
Mama's and Papas Babyplay Tummytime Toy

This is a recently purchase and to be honest as Small is almost 7 months old it's most likely a little late. Until a month or so ago she hated being on her tummy and refused to do so for longer than a few minutes. As she can't get sit for longer than a few seconds without support this has been amazing. She's really happy to lie propped up on her tummy and play with her toys for ages.
Grow Egg Thermometer

We brought one of these before she was born as we'd brought their sleeping bags (talked about later) and there are all those warnings out there about keeping baby at the right temperature to help prevent SIDS. It was one of those things I really wasn't sure would be useful or not, but in her first few weeks we ended up going out and getting another - so now we have one in her nursery for at night and one in the living room when she spends a lot of time playing during the day. Even if your baby monitor has a thermometer feature (as our Angelcare does) I'd still recommend one of these - it's so handy to be able to just glance at it and know if it's in the right range due to the colour system. It's seen here with a Grow Egg 'Shell' in the Orla the Owl model (we also have 'Percy the Penguin' in our lounge).
The Hungry Caterpillar Toys

Small loves these, but especially the larger one. She has a thing about labels and differing textures so she'll happily sit fascinated by it for ages.
Grow Bag Baby Sleep Bags

In the earlier days I just wasn't sure about these - Small had nothing even close to a routine so being able to predict when to put her in it would have required the skills of a psychic. Now that she's slightly better and sleeping in her own cot they are what I'd consider an essential item. She wriggles a LOT! so stops her kicking off her blankets and I don't have to worry that she's pulled any blankets over her face in the night.
Sassy Highchair Toys

We purchased these from our local Mama's and Papa's store - also pictured is one of their own brand 'Snug' seats which incidentally along with the Bumbo we've found useless as she won't sit in it for longer than 2 minutes. She now uses the toys on her highchair tray and she loves them! They are excellent for keeping her occupied whilst I'm preparing her food or whilst I clean up afterwards.
Brother Max 'Scoop' Highchair

I really wasn't sure about this highchair before we brought it. Sure it looks beautiful and perfectly matched our dining table - but at around £269 it was a lot more money than other highchairs. We went along to Babies R Us to compare the ones we were considering and this won buy a mile - Mr B totally convince me. We've not regretted buying this once. It's been everything I hoped it'd be. The other one in consideration was a Cosatto 3sixti, but seeing it in person totally changed my mind. It didn't seem as easy to wipe down or as sturdy.
Vtech Tiny Touch Phone

This is another toy I really wasn't sure about - I really prefer wooden toys, or those that are classic or cute. However Small loves nothing more than to grab and mine and Mr B's IPhones, Ipads and manhandle the remote control, so this was sure to be a winner. She'll sit for ages and just loves pressing all the buttons.
Bugaboo Bee Plus

This wasn't our first pushchair. Before Small was born we brought a Silver Cross Surf in red and loved it. However once I started using it I realised just how much space in the boot it takes up and how heavy it can be if constantly lifted in and out. Don't get me wrong it's a lovely quality pushchair, but just not that ideal for me considering I have a smallish car. The Bee answered my prayers! Despite the problems others have had with the wheels mine has been excellent (it was purchased well after those problems were reported). I'm using it at the moment with the universal footmuff and I chose this over a conventional stroller as I really wanted it to have a parent facing option as well as be able to lie flat.

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