Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Looking Back At A Most Eventful Year....

As it's coming up to the end of the year I've really stopped to think what an amazing one it has been for both Mr B and I. We had our beautiful daughter and we got engaged and had lots of fun in between!

It all really started on the 17/12/2011 I had a private gender scan to find out the sex of our baby in time for Xmas - it was a girl!

We spent a wonderful Christmas together. I have to admit I've never really been a Christmas person, but Mr b loves it - the best part was getting our giant real tree (although this year that's off the cards as our house is full to the brim with baby toys!)

Unfortunately the next few months were a bit of a write off. I spent so much time in hospital - even Valentine's day was spent cuddled up in a hospital bed watching movies on Mr B's IPad. He even made me this awesome cookie that was delivered to my hospital bed along with a yummy 3 course vegan meal!

Kittenstine (my Hello kitty from the Bear Factory) and I spent loads on time in hospital crocheting things from Twinkie Chan's book and Mr B got our daughters nursery ready for me to see it finished by the time I was allowed home!

We spent the next few months going away, enjoying the last of our freedom and preparing for our new arrival.

We welcomed our daughter into our lives in May and since then life has forever changed! The first month we spent living in shifts as one of us needed to be awake and holding her at almost all times!

Life was all nappies and 4am feeds, but despite that we were feeling brave and welcomed our other two additions to the family - Miffy & Molly.

Betsey & Cecil continued to be their cute selves...

We took on a very overgrown allotment..

Then In July Small went to stay with her Nanny & Grandad for the weekend whilst myself and Mr B headed off to Brighton for the weekend to stay at our favorite hotel.

On Brighton Beach Mr B proposed!!!! (With a prepacked picnic of champagne & vegan cheesecake!)

Since the weather has turned colder we've been mostly spending our time visiting our favorite restaurants/ cafes, exploring new places, hanging out in coffee shops...

It's been a wonderful year and I'm truly blessed to have such a wonderful family - but as well as looking back I'm also looking forward to the future and what next year will have to offer... so many of Small's firsts hopefully. In the space of a few short months I'll also become the Mrs... next year here I come.

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