Monday, 10 December 2012

Rock 'n Roll Baby Finds From Around The Web

I've always had my own unique sense of style - and granted looking back it's not always been well informed. Throughout my teenage years I went through several 'alternative' style phases. In my later years I went on to study fashion, so it's not surprising that I'm sometimes picky about what I'll dress my daughter in.
For day to day wear I love H&M. Their baby-wear is well priced, and they do a range of organic cotton baby basics which are amazingly good value (they often do a '3 items for £10' deal). It's also fun, colourful, modern and practical. Whilst we do on occasion shop in Mothercare (we've spent an astronomical amount with them in the past year) it tends not to be for clothing - apart from their range 'Little Bird' by Jools Oliver, their clothes seem a little 'old-fashioned' to me (they do however wash/wear incredibly well).
Here's a collection of baby stuff for your rockin little ones!

1: Pink Pirate Skull Dummy - Beadesaurus £7.99
2: Guitar Dress Long Sleeve - Rock A Bye Baby £25.99
3: I Love Johnny Cash Kid's T-Shirt - Beadesaurus £14.99
4: My Mum Rocks Baby Socks - Darkside Clothing £4.99
5: Bow Bodysuit Long Sleeve - Rock A Bye Baby £20.50
6: Family Forever Baby Grow - Darkside Clothing £13.99

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  1. Great collection! It is also the one I want to buy now.