Thursday, 20 December 2012


A week or so ago I wrote about all the teethers we'd tried out so far and how I wasn't keen on the Nuby Icy Bites. Well, now she's grown a little bit since we first tried them and she won't put them down!

I solved the cleaning issue by using Milton wipes and they really do get nice and cold in the fridge - they really seem to help as she's especially bad at the moment. Lots of disturbed nights sleep and dribbling - I just know her first tooth is on the way!

They're definitely her current favorite!


  1. Awww .... precious little baby. I am glad you found the right teether.

  2. this is one adorable baby!!! the picture alone made me want to read more of your blog.
    peace & blessings

  3. Thank you :) So glad you are enjoying reading, hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.