Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The Trials and Tribulations of Weaning

My daughter really was the one who decided when weaning began. She started watching us eat, and then one day she started just grabbing food from us and playing/ gumming on it. I can't remember exactly how many weeks she was, but it was after the minimum of 17 but not yet at 26 (the government recommend weaning begins at 6 months). I checked it out with our health visitor and she gave us the go ahead.

Despite her early self feeding she's now incredibly reluctant to do so. If you read my blog often you'll know before I gave birth I read loads of different books, and 'Baby-led Weaning: Helping Your Baby to Love Good Food' by Gill Rapley and Tracey Murkett was one of them. I was really keen to give this method a good go, but the way things have panned out we're doing more of a mix.

She now has purees, but she always has finger foods to practice with - they still don't make it to her mouth though!

Today I actually found a sippy cup she can drink from - which is a big step. I've tried tons of brands and designs, some have been better than others - but none could be labelled a success.

The Nuby Sip n' Grip is great. I picked it up from our local Sainsbury's and it was around £3. She now happily drinks her water along with her meals.

She has really gone through phases though, sometimes she'll love something and then the next time refuse to eat it. We've made a breakthrough this week and she's finally happily eating things that contain pulses and legumes - which are an important part of a vegan diet.

Ella's Kitchen are the only brand we've found so far who make any 2nd or 3rd stage savory foods which are suitable for vegans. They also make a few breakfasty things including fruity porridge for these stages. Heniz and Cow & Gate make a couple of fruit pudding type things that appear to be vegan - but check the ingredients carefully as companies often change their recipes.

The above look ok, and there's also a 3rd stage Thai Curry and a number of toddler finger foods. Organix make some too.

We obviously don't just feed her this limited number of shop brought foods - I make up and freeze in portions most of it. It is handy however to have some packet options for days out etc.

I brought some Mam 'Dippers' which are like a mini spoon and fork (the packaging says they're suitable from 6+ months. I sometimes do 'loaded spoons' with these (putting food on the spoon them letting her hold and guide it into her mouth) or she loves just playing with them during mealtimes and joining in.

So despite a few hiccups weaning is on schedule, messy... but she loves food and at the end of the day that's the goal!

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