Wednesday, 5 December 2012

"There's more to life than books, you know, but not much more"

My daughter loves books. At 6 1/2 months she's not really old enough to understand but she loves looking at the pictures, hearing my voice and even turns the pages.

At this age it's a little bias as it's more books we like that we choose rather than ones she likes, but it's good fun all the same.

I love 'Herb The Vegetarian Dragon' by Jules Bass & Debbie Harter. It's a lovely story that teaches the pleasures of being different and understanding tolerance. I think it's a lovely message to convey to Isabel about understanding others who aren't vegan like she is. I've seen the books written by Ruby Roth but I understand they are much more graphic and only suitable for older age ranges. In any case any book regarding these issues I'd want to give a through look over as I've a clear idea of the message I'd like to give her regarding veganism.

I'm a huge Orla Kiely fan so it's no surprise that her baby books would make their way into our collection. Yes I know she doesn't understand numbers but the pictures are so lovely and vibrant. The others in the collection are on my 'to-get' list.

We're all big Miffy fans in our house. Small has various Miffy toys, a giant Miffy lamp & pictures in her bedroom and we even have a real life bunny named Miffy. There's loads of these books we need to add to the collection and she just loves the illustrations and rhyming style in which the stories are written.

I hope she'll continue to love books as she grows, I've always been a massive bookworm - so maybe she'll take after me!


  1. Hi there - just wondering where you purchased you Miffy lamp from?

    1. Hi - the Miffy lamp I'm pretty sure was from here -