Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Why We Love Mam

When my daughter was born - breastfeeding wasn't really an option. I'd been very ill during pregnancy and as a result I was on medication that could change dose at any moment and make it impossible. At the time i felt a great deal of guilt about it, but really if it wasn't for that medication neither myself or my little girl may still be here.

So bottle feeding... easy right? WRONG! We paid into the hype and heavily invested in Tommee Tippee 'Closer To Nature' products, of which every single one is now boxed up and taking up real estate in the loft. At a time I was feeling guilty anyway my daughters inability to then drink formula from a bottle just made it worse. We struggled on until one day I'd just had enough - the teats were far too big for her mouth and the 'boob' shaped teat made it impossible for her to close her mouth around it. And that's when Mam came into our lives....

We started off using their Anti colic bottles and how amazing! They transformed our lives. As she became older she didn't have a problem with wind anymore so we moved onto their regular bottles.

They are simple yet well designed. Their Anti Colic are far easier than other brands as there are no small parts and the ones that there are are easy to assemble. The measurements are easy to read and the teats fit my daughters mouth perfectly. I was really pleased that finally she was able to feed correctly. Even though 6 months ago now seems like an eternity after all those sleepless nights I still remember clearly the elation when my daughter finished that first bottle. Mr B was pretty pleased too!

This isn't just something that only we have experienced - I know plenty of other parents who've struggled from brand to brand of bottles and formula and at much expense until they find something that works for them. The trouble is there isn't much support out there when it comes to bottle feeding. I know the drive is all behind getting mothers to breastfeed and I think it's admirable and all that. The thing is that people don't understand that there are medical reasons that prevent mothers from doing so - there's just no awareness. I've even had dirty looks when bottle feeding my daughter in public. When I was struggling there was no help aside from a brief leaflet supplied by my midwife. The law dictates that healthcare professionals cannot offer specific advice regarding formulas or bottles. I'm glad we got there in the end!

The past 28 weeks my daughter has been with us have been amazing and I'm truly blessed. That's why we love Mam.

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