Saturday, 8 December 2012

You've got everything now And what a terrible mess I've made

Until you have a child you never quite realise how messy your house will become. You can fight it, but it's inevitable. In the days BC (before child) when I visited those I knew who did have kids, I wasn't judgmental - but didn't quite believe they needed ALL that stuff.

The reality set in the minute we arrived home with our daughter for the first time from hospital. I knew we had brought a lot of stuff, but until that point it had all been neatly packed away in boxes stacked cleverly and in a space efficient way in her nursery. I hadn't unboxed things before hand as I had Small a little earlier than expected (I was booked in for an induction but she came along at 38 weeks a few days before anyway - she's always been on her own timetable) and when I did I just looked around in slight desperation and couldn't understand what had happened to my house!

No matter how much I clean and tidy (and let's be honest that's not all that easy with a little one) the living room remains strewn with toys. However since becoming a mother my attitude has changed so much and whereas before I would of looked on with horror, these days it's ok with me. I accept it and go with the flow, to fight it would be futile. My goal as a mother is for my daughter to be happy, and honestly... despite the mess - she is.

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