Friday, 18 January 2013

Ergo Baby Winter Cover

I was sent this cover by a reader of the blog after I wrote the post about how much I loved the carrier I'd purchased. It seems it arrived at just the right time as currently it's very white and snowy outside!

I've had chance to use this a couple of times and I love it! It's been permanently attached to my carrier since I've had it. I'm really impressed with how well it fits and complements the carrier.It keeps my daughter lovely and snug and has a great hood, which isn't waterproof, but it's good enough for dashing from the supermarket to the car (which by the way - supermarket shopping is my favorite way to use the Ergo).

After I'd looked at several other winter babywearing solutions (Peekaru, Mama coats & babywearing fleeces) I think this is the best solution for me. It allows me to wear whatever coat/outfit I want, but also keeps baby warm. My favorite part is that it keeps those little legs warm!

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